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To ALL those artists out there who take commissions and sell their art of any type this is for you! If anyone ever tries to argue with your prices show them this! Take pride in your work! Never settle for anything less then what you believe to be a fair price for the efforts and passion you pour into your work.


Seconding this SO hard right now.

I’ve known of so many artists who were amazing but refused to charge the proper amount for their hard work. It’s a crime.

So problematic..


Watching Markiplier and The Best Friend Zaibatsu/TBFP has spoiled me and almost made me forget how a majority of YouTube gamers actually are. So many things are considered to be funny; when they are actually just incredibly mean spirited/offensive.

It’s hugely problematic,…

I always stay away from those if I do commentary. Though, lately I’ve taken a break from commentary since it hasn’t added anything to the game and is just cringeworthy.

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